Embodied Code

A Platform for Embodied Coding in Virtual and Augmented Reality

Embodied Code Documentation

Follow our Getting started with Embodied Code on the Quest 2 headset tutorial to install the app on our headset and run the first tutorial.


Coding Tool

Getting started with the Coding Tool

Extrude Tool

Getting started with the Extrude Tool

Drawing Tool


Getting started with the Drawing Tool

Example Scenes


Demonstrates creating a gesture in space, and using that as a signal to drive the motion of a game object.

To load the scene: load ex_gesture


Game objects move upwards (low gravity) until they encounter a height threshold, and when they fall with high gravity.

To load the scene: load ex_gravity

Gravity Box

Define lower gravity within a box. When objects hit the bounds of the box, normal gravity is restored.

To load the scene: load ex_gravbox


Create a pile of game objects. Set a timer which periodically launches one of those objects with a random upwards velocity. (“pop!”)

To load the scene: load ex_popcorn

Tower of Cubes

Use sliders to create a wall of cubes (n cubes, in m columns). Random forces (“wind”) or user ineraction cause the objects to topple.

To load the scene: load ex_tower


Inside of a 3d modeled corridor, gestures define two possible paths for a drone. Send the drone to navigate the hallway.

To load the scene: load ex_drone

Coding Challenges