Embodied Code

A Platform for Embodied Coding in Virtual and Augmented Reality

Embodied Code Documentation

Follow our Getting started with Embodied Code on the Quest 2 headset tutorial to install the app on our headset and run the first tutorial.

Example Scenes


Demonstrates creating a gesture in space, and using that as a signal to drive the motion of a game object.

To load the scene: load ex_gesture


Game objects move upwards (low gravity) until they encounter a height threshold, and when they fall with high gravity.

To load the scene: load ex_gravity

Gravity Box

Define lower gravity within a box. When objects hit the bounds of the box, normal gravity is restored.

To load the scene: load ex_gravbox


Create a pile of game objects. Set a timer which periodically launches one of those objects with a random upwards velocity. (“pop!”)

To load the scene: load ex_popcorn

Tower of Cubes

Use sliders to create a wall of cubes (n cubes, in m columns). Random forces (“wind”) or user ineraction cause the objects to topple.

To load the scene: load ex_tower


Inside of a 3d modeled corridor, gestures define two possible paths for a drone. Send the drone to navigate the hallway.

To load the scene: load ex_drone

Coding Challenges