Embodied Code

A Platform for Embodied Coding in Virtual and Augmented Reality

Coding Tool

The Coding Tool is the most used tool in Embodied Code, so it is important to know how to use it.

The Coding Tool in Embodied Code:


Option 1:


First, go into the toolbox and select the Coding tool with the L/R Touch Trigger.


Next, point with your controller at any object, button, node, or drawing. Then, press the Left or Right Touch Trigger.

Option 2:


While on the coding tool, hold both Oculus Grip Buttons to create a selection box (purple lines).

Note: The size of the selection box is dependent upon the position of the Oculus contollers to the playspace.


Select the objects, drawings, or nodes within the purple lines.


Once items are selected, a menu will pop up. This menu includes:

For more information, visit the Drawing Tool instructions.


Press the “A” button on the Right Oculus controller.

A search bar will appear. Now, you can enter keywords, such as save, load, clear, etc., with the Oculus Touch Triggers to control the coding environment with nodes, scenes, objects, etc.


To Adjust Size/Position:


Select an object/node with the selection button.


Use one selection tentacle (L/R Touch Trigger) for position/rotation.

Use both selection tentacles (Both Touch Triggers) for position/size/rotation.

To Grab an Object or Node:

Use the Oculus Grip Buttons to grab or scale an object/node.